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You Also May Not Know…

30 Jan

Ah, Aaron Hill. There is a very specific niche filled by actor like him: A niche I like to call “linebacker with a heart of gold”. Now I’m not saying he looks like Moose Mason from Archie Comics. Except that he does! I mean, can’t you almost picture him in an Archie movie sharing a malted with Midge (played by Krysten Ritter, whose own showverlaps I will later explore) at Pop’s and putting the boots to Reggie Mantle (Vincent Kartheiser – an excellent choice as you will soon understand)? He’s just so…adorably large! And blond! And goofy! Like a Minnesota farm boy just off the bus and ready to be manipulated into juicing up by the assistant coach of his Division 2 college football squad!

I first noticed Aaron as the inappropriately named Beaver on ABC Family’s surprisingly witty Greek. Don’t ask me why I decided to give a show about sororities and fraternities on a Midwestern campus a shot, but I’m glad I did because now I’m a little bit addicted. I mean, ABC Family? Moi? But I digress. Beaver is the kind of adorably dumb character you really root for, and the kind who can always surprise with a moment of brilliance you didn’t see coming. He’s always doing stuff like being goofy and crying like a Nancy and running around half naked but, like, for a CAUSE. Aw! He also sometimes offers words of wisdom and makes out with nerdy Engineering majors at parties. Aww! And did I mention the crying? Like a Nancy? It’s pretty dope. Awww, Beaver!

But let’s put aside the Beav, for a minute, and concentrate on why our man Aaron has earned showverlap street cred. Blink and you’ll miss him, but Aaron showed up as an important plot point in the story arc of Peggy Olson on Mad Men. He played Carl Winter, a dude “from the old neighbourhood” that Peggy was forced by her mother to go to dinner with. Peggy was pretty mean to Carl, belittling him and generally being a douche, but Carl stood his nice, normal, regular Joe ground. Sure, Peggy stormed out of the restaurant, but I think we can all agree it was for the best since Peggs was already preggo with Pete Campbell’s (Vincent Kartheiser – see the Moose vs. Reggie brilliance now?!)┬ádemon spawn.

Finally, I have a confession to make. Just call me Usher. My confession is that I like Cold Case. There. I said it. I know, I know, I’m not 50 years old. And I’m not the kind of person who reads Judith Krantz novels. I don’t even have a cat. But I like it, OK? And there’s nothing wrong with someone liking a somewhat schmaltzy show about Philadelphia cops trying to solve old murder cases. There are flashbacks, OK? And time-appropriate music! And, OK, so at the end of every episode there’s a slow-motion sequence specifically designed to make you cry. I’m not too cool for Cold Case. And neither are you, bitches! Plus, being that each episode is one stand-alone case, there are plenty of guest stars and therefore plenty of showverlaps. Aaron Hill is one of them. In the episode entitled “Glory Days” Aaron guest starred as Mike “Bad Moon” McShane, fulfilling his destiny as, yes, a college football player!


You may not know…

30 Jan

Julie McNiven is a very cute little redheaded person, which I especially enjoy due to my own status as a cute little redheaded person. If you’re a Supernatural fan (and I’m inclined to believe there are a lot of Supernatural fans creeping around the internet…I mean…it’s kind of a nerdalicious show) you will no doubt recognize Julie as the angelic (literally) Anna. She not only did it with Dean-o in a sex scene strangely derivative of Titanic but she also tends to kick a whole mess of ass all while looking as dewy-eyed and earnest as a Little House on the Prairie extra.

Now, I’m not saying Anna’s not cool. She’s an angel with a conscience and she’s definitely got some balls. But Julie McNiven is, in my opinion, even cooler on one of my other fave shows: Mad Men. Wait, what’s that you say? You didn’t even know she was on Mad Men? Well, I’m not surprised. You’re clearly not as observant as I am. But don’t feel too bad, ’60’s era costume and hair can really throw you off the showverlap trail. But check out one of the billion scenes in which Pete Campbell is being kind of a blowhard and you’ll probably see Julie right there, exasperated by Pete’s shenanigans, as his hard-done-by secretary Hildy. True, the part of Hildy isn’t particularly huge, but she’s important as a sometime foil for ol’ Side Part and his cronies. Except for the ridiculous early misstep of sleeping with spineless sleaze bag Harry Crane in season 1 Hildy is a character marked by her flawless updo, stylish pencil skirts, and excellent manners. Yes, it may seem that Hildy is loyal and faithful to her boss, but look closer and you’ll see an archness in her mannerisms, speech, and facial expressions that would make Jane Austen put down her pen and applaud. Mad Men is a show known for its subtlety (or its slow pace, depending on who you ask) and Julie fits right in. Great job, lady!

Showverlaps are…

30 Jan

Have you ever noticed that certain actors tend to show up all over the place, making you wonder “Where the heck have I seen him/her before?” Because I have. Wondered that. A lot. And then I begin the tedious process of researching actors and actresses on imdb to find out if I’m right that I have, indeed, seen so-and-so’s brief appearance on another show. I have several favourite shows that I always watch, almost religiously, and several bygone favourites, and several shows I only get to from time to time. A “showverlap” is the term I coined for the very phenomenon I speak of. It’s pretty simple, really, but I’ll explain in case any of you mopes out there don’t “get me”. When one actor or actress on one of your fave tv shows all of a sudden shows up on a different show, this is a showverlap. Let’s get started, shall we, with some people you may not know you know.