You may not know…

30 Jan

Julie McNiven is a very cute little redheaded person, which I especially enjoy due to my own status as a cute little redheaded person. If you’re a Supernatural fan (and I’m inclined to believe there are a lot of Supernatural fans creeping around the internet…I mean…it’s kind of a nerdalicious show) you will no doubt recognize Julie as the angelic (literally) Anna. She not only did it with Dean-o in a sex scene strangely derivative of Titanic but she also tends to kick a whole mess of ass all while looking as dewy-eyed and earnest as a Little House on the Prairie extra.

Now, I’m not saying Anna’s not cool. She’s an angel with a conscience and she’s definitely got some balls. But Julie McNiven is, in my opinion, even cooler on one of my other fave shows: Mad Men. Wait, what’s that you say? You didn’t even know she was on Mad Men? Well, I’m not surprised. You’re clearly not as observant as I am. But don’t feel too bad, ’60’s era costume and hair can really throw you off the showverlap trail. But check out one of the billion scenes in which Pete Campbell is being kind of a blowhard and you’ll probably see Julie right there, exasperated by Pete’s shenanigans, as his hard-done-by secretary Hildy. True, the part of Hildy isn’t particularly huge, but she’s important as a sometime foil for ol’ Side Part and his cronies. Except for the ridiculous early misstep of sleeping with spineless sleaze bag Harry Crane in season 1 Hildy is a character marked by her flawless updo, stylish pencil skirts, and excellent manners. Yes, it may seem that Hildy is loyal and faithful to her boss, but look closer and you’ll see an archness in her mannerisms, speech, and facial expressions that would make Jane Austen put down her pen and applaud. Mad Men is a show known for its subtlety (or its slow pace, depending on who you ask) and Julie fits right in. Great job, lady!


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