You May Not Know You Know…

11 Feb

Benjamin Koldyke. Here’s an actor that looks to me like Superman after he’s hung up the cape and tights and retired to suburbia. Square jaw? Check! Side-parted black hair? Check! Steely gaze? Check! And yet, instead of looking ready for a fight he looks like a big puppy dog ready to mow the lawn.

The cool thing about Ben, here, is that his showverlaps include the rarest of rareties: The comedy/drama showverlap! And, oh my, what a showverlap it is, too! His characters could not be more different, right on down to their sexual orientations. What’s also kind of extraordinary about this showverlap is that both Ben’s roles are taking place right now, in the current season of the shows in question. And they are…Big Love and How I Met Your Mother! Surprised? I was too!

I first spotted Benjamin in the season opener of this year’s dose of Big Love as the closeted gay man/state appointed Juniper Creek trustee Dale Tomasson: The fact that Tomasson is secretly gay makes him a more interesting character. The fact that he’s secretly gay and doing it with Alby Grant makes him really, really interesting and also a little creepy. I mean, Dale’s hot! He could have his pick of relatively non-threatening and sane handsome dudes. But, no. He chooses Alby for his tryst. I can’t wait to find out how it all plays out for nice guy Dale. I have a feeling it won’t end well. Think bunny boiling.

And then, for a complete 180, there’s Ben’s performance on H.I.M.Y.M. On that show, possibly my favourite comedy of. all. tiiiiiiime, he plays Robin’s co-anchor Don Frank. Don is kind of a jackass and is really jaded by the world of morning news shows having co-anchored about a billion different shows in his career. He refuses to wear pants. He drinks on air. He’s totally hilarious. Robin hates him, but does she looooove him? When Don’s behaviour took a turn for the better last episode (he even put on a pair of chinos!) Robin saw him in a new light. I have a feeling darling Don is going to end up faring better than delusional, doomed Dale.


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