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Note: Speaking of Comedy

11 Feb

I’ve said that How I Met Your Mother is my favourite comedy of. all. tiiiiiiime. And it’s true. But I do want to mention a couple of tiny little wee showverlaps involving another fave comedy (that may now be cancelled, I can’t really find the information anywhere online) My Boys. It’s a charming little show starring Jordana Spiro, who no one has ever heard of, as Chicago sports reporter P.J. Franklin, who mostly hangs out at an Irish pub with her best male pals (hence the title), her brother, and her best gal pal. Most people have never heard of this show, because it doesn’t air on one of the big three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) or on the little brother of the big three (FOX) or even on one of the uber-cool trendy cable networks (HBO, AMC). No, My Boys airs on TBS, a network so lame it can’t even compete with MTV, ABCFamily, The CW,  Bravo, ScyFy, Showtime, or even VH1. TBS has an amazing lack of original programming, kind of the way I assume AMC was before it was overhauled.

Because My Boys languished for so long on a sub-par shitbrick of a network, very few people even knew of its existence. The only time it got any press was when co-star Kyle Howard started dating Lauren Conrad of The Hills. It’s real social commentary that Lauren, who is essentially a talentness and not overly intelligent person (she is engaging and seemingly congenial enough. and pretty, which is really what counts anyway) is way more famous than Kyle, who is funny and a pretty good actor (best known, unfortunately, for his role as a pothead surfer in the Jack Black/Colin Hanks slight-amuse-fest Orange County). But I digress. The point is, the show’s funny and I like the character development and people should check it out.

I think maybe because My Boys has been on hiatus for so, so long, the actors have had loads of time to showverlap. For example, I spotted the deadpannest of deadpanners Jim Gaffigan (who is spit-your-beer-out hilarious as P.J.’s brother Andy on the show) as Murray’s best friend Jim on another one of my (few) comedies Flight of the Conchords. In case you don’t recognize his name, this is what ol’ Jimbo looks like:

If you happen to remember his appearance on FOTC then congratulations! You’re not smoking as much weed as you thought! If you don’t you can find the YouTube video for “Friends” by FOTC to see Jim’s cameo as, well, Jim.

Another crossover is between My Boys and How I Met Your Mother. In an episode also starring Joanna Garcia of Gossip Girl and the brief-but-kinda-cool Privileged we get a short glimpse of Jamie Kaler who plays the idiotic skirt-chaser Mike on My Boys as a less idiotic and only chasing one skirt (Joanna’s character) marine biologist named Jim. Can we not think of other names? Anyway, here’s a picture of Jamie, too. He’s a ginger. Don’t be afraid. Just no sudden movements, ok?

Watch My Boys sometime and you’ll see that it’s quality, even if it’s likely to be off the air for good!