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Showverlaps are…

30 Jan

Have you ever noticed that certain actors tend to show up all over the place, making you wonder “Where the heck have I seen him/her before?” Because I have. Wondered that. A lot. And then I begin the tedious process of researching actors and actresses on imdb to find out if I’m right that I have, indeed, seen so-and-so’s brief appearance on another show. I have several favourite shows that I always watch, almost religiously, and several bygone favourites, and several shows I only get to from time to time. A “showverlap” is the term I coined for the very phenomenon I speak of. It’s pretty simple, really, but I’ll explain in case any of you mopes out there don’t “get me”. When one actor or actress on one of your fave tv shows all of a sudden shows up on a different show, this is a showverlap. Let’s get started, shall we, with some people you may not know you know.